Power’s up. Costs are down.



Whether you’re looking for a primary supply of natural gas, a source for green, renewable natural gas or a resource for emergency backup, Kinetrex has you covered with natural gas by pipeline, Renewable Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas products!

Natural Gas from the Pipeline

One of the benefits of working with Kinetrex is that we can bundle your natural gas supply with natural gas from pipelines, Liquefied Natural Gas and even Renewable Natural Gas, making Kinetrex a one-stop shop for your natural gas. Our expertise and gas supply portfolio makes us one of the most cost-competitive gas marketers in the Midwest. We are one of the few natural gas marketers headquartered here in the Midwest, and our Liquefied Natural Gas storage provides substantial peaking capability for a more reliable supply.

Renewable Natural Gas

We produce natural gas with very high methane content by capturing the off-gas at landfills. Substantially more affordable than diesel and gasoline, Renewable Natural Gas is superior from a business perspective. And by purchasing Renewable Natural Gas, you’ll produce greener energy that can help make North America energy-independent. Compared to using diesel or gasoline, Renewable Natural Gas can help your power generation operations reduce carbon emissions up to 90%.

Liquefied Natural Gas

When the demand for power spikes, you need an ace in the hole – a plentiful, affordable fuel source that can be stored on-site and converted quickly into the electricity your customers need. Kinetrex is here to help you flip that switch.

Few energy sources are as abundant as natural gas, and at Kinetrex, we make that abundance accessible to all by converting the gas to liquid and transporting it wherever it needs to go. Our two plants in Indiana connect to four interstate gas pipelines and convert natural gas to a liquefied form that’s ready to be trucked and stored anywhere in the United States. In this liquid form, natural gas is stored at low pressure and is extremely safe to transport and use.

AffordableLiquefied Natural Gas is a stable-cost commodity. It’s priced competitively with other fuels and is less subject to price spikes.

Reliable – Our gas conversion plants are supplied by four interstate pipelines and have plenty of capacity to scale.

Available – Stored on-site at your facility, Liquefied Natural Gas can be returned to its gaseous state and put into operation in less than 10 minutes.

Safe – Liquefied Natural Gas is stored at low pressure and is extremely safe to transport and use.

Quality – Kinetrex purifies the gas during liquefaction to meet all current engine and burner standards.

Simple - We can help you integrate supply, transportation and storage solutions for Liquefied Natural Gas into your operations.