Forget diesel. Liquefied Natural Gas is the answer.



When providing fuel to long-haul transportation fleets, it is critical that the fuel is reliable, of good quality, and sold at an affordable price. With two liquefaction plants operating 24/7/365 to produce liquefied natural gas that is consistently cheaper than diesel, Kinetrex is positioned to dependably meet these criteria.

At Kinetrex, we convert natural gas to Liquefied Natural Gas, stripping out all impurities in the process, and dispense it to our customers’ tanker trucks from our two Indianapolis plants. Our customers then deliver this clear, non-toxic and non-explosive liquid to their own networks of fueling stations to power their fleets across much of the United States. UPS is just one of those forward-thinking companies. Liquefied Natural Gas from Kinetrex has revolutionized the Ohio Valley fleet of the logistics giant.

See how much you can save!

Why Liquefied Natural Gas from Kinetrex?

AffordabilityLiquefied Natural Gas is a stable-cost commodity, that’s less expensive than diesel fuel per gallon.

Reliability – Our gas conversion plants are supplied by four interstate pipelines and have plenty of capacity to scale.

Location – Two-thirds of the American businesses and population are located within a day’s drive of our distribution centers. We can supply fuel to the busiest corridors in the Midwest and East.

Availability – Stored on-site at your facility, Liquefied Natural Gas can be returned to its gaseous state and put into operation in less than 10 minutes.

Safety – Liquefied Natural Gas is stored under low pressure and is extremely safe to transport and use.

Quality – Kinetrex purifies the gas during liquefaction, resulting in a gas that meets or exceeds all current engine methane standards.

Clean – Liquefied Natural Gas will help you reduce carbon emissions.

Quiet – Engines running on natural gas produce less noise, and, even better, don’t leave you smelling like diesel fuel!