Switch to Kinetrex. Lower your bill.



Kinetrex supplies natural gas to qualified commercial and industrial customers at lower rates than your local utility. The natural gas market is deregulated in most of the Midwest, so customers can choose their natural gas supplier. Kinetrex typically saves customers 10 – 30% compared to their local utility.

Kinetrex makes switching easy. We start by performing a savings assessment so you can compare our costs to your current supplier. Then, if you decide to switch, we’ll notify the utility that we’re your new gas supplier. That’s all there is to it!

Kinetrex Energy works hard to serve our customers. Unlike your local natural gas utility, we provide a full range of options to meet your goals. With Kinetrex, you have the option to fix commodity costs, float with market pricing or use a hybrid solution that gives you peace of mind in a volatile market. And with the help of our energy experts, your savings couldn’t be simpler!