Go with gas. Save money.



Good riddance to the price spikes and high operating costs of diesel and waste oil.

There’s a cleaner, more affordable fuel in town. With Kinetrex, you can get natural gas delivered to your asphalt production plants wherever they may be, on a pipeline or not. When you switch, you’ll save money on the fuel itself and, if you’re burning diesel or waste oil, even more by reducing or eliminating baghouse cleanup.

Liquefied Natural Gas

Few energy sources are as abundant as natural gas, and at Kinetrex, we make that abundance accessible to all by converting the gas to liquid and transporting it wherever it needs to go. Our two plants in Indiana connect to four interstate gas pipelines and convert natural gas to a liquefied form that’s ready to be trucked and stored anywhere in the United States. In this liquid form, natural gas is stored at low pressure and is extremely safe to transport and use.

AffordabilityLiquefied Natural Gas is a stable-cost commodity. It’s priced competitively with other fuels and is less subject to price spikes.

Cleaner Operations – Cut carbon emissions by 20%, compared to diesel. Reduce baghouse cleanup and costs.

Reliability – Our gas conversion plants are supplied by four interstate pipelines and have plenty of capacity to scale.

Availability – Stored at your facility, Liquefied Natural Gas can be returned to its gaseous state and put into operation in less than 10 minutes.

Safety – Liquefied Natural Gas is stored at low pressure and is extremely safe to transport and use.

Quality – Kinetrex purifies the gas during liquefaction to meet or exceed all current natural gas engine and burner standards


Natural Gas from the Pipeline

If you’re already using natural gas from a pipeline, Kinetrex can save you 10–30% on the cost of your natural gas. Those savings alone are enough to switch to Kinetrex, but there’s even more.

Kinetrex Energy works hard to serve our clients. Unlike your local natural gas utility or other gas marketers, we provide a full range of options to meet your goals. You can fix your commodity costs, float with market pricing or use a hybrid solution that gives you peace of mind in a volatile market. Our programs are designed to be simple, and, with help of our energy experts, your savings will be worry-free.

We consider ourselves both partners and neighbors to our customers. We work with our clients to implement successful gas purchasing strategies based on their goals. We capitalize on our years of experience in the energy industry to build pricing strategies and help reduce volatility in the market.