An abundant, low-cost fuel supply


Here’s a well-kept secret… the “gas company” isn’t the only place to get natural gas to power your business.

Over the last several years, natural gas utilities have unbundled their services, allowing commercial consumers to choose their natural gas supplier. Kinetrex Energy provides its customers with the same natural gas supply via the same connections they’ve always used. However, with Kinetrex, companies can save 10–30% on their gas costs. The only difference is that the customer will receive two bills: one from the utility that covers the cost to transport the natural gas to the customer and one from Kinetrex that covers the cost of the natural gas itself. Combined, the two bills will be 10–30% less than what the customer currently pays to the utility. That kind of savings will impact the bottom line of any business!

Kinetrex Energy is working hard to serve our clients in various markets. We provide a full range of options to meet your goals beyond those offered by your local natural gas utility. With Kinetrex, you have the option to fix commodity costs, float with market pricing or use a hybrid solution that gives you peace of mind in a volatile market. Our programs are designed to be simple and, with the help of our energy experts, your savings will be worry-free.