An abundant, low-cost fuel supply


Now you can power your high-horsepower operations with natural gas – whether you have access to a pipeline or not. Kinetrex converts traditional natural gas to liquid, which makes it easy to transport and store. Because natural gas is abundant, Liquefied Natural Gas from Kinetrex is a reliable alternative to diesel, waste oil and propane. And because natural gas production is not subject to wild price swings, Liquefied Natural Gas is not only affordable but can help you control and stabilize your energy costs.

Find out how much you can save with our online calculator!

LNG vs. Propane

Find out how much you can save with our online calculator!

LNG vs. Diesel


Liquefied Natural Gas from Kinetrex is just as reliable as regular natural gas because it is regular natural gas. As a wholesale supplier of Liquefied Natural Gas, Kinetrex sources the gas directly from interstate pipelines, converts up to 200,000 gallons of liquefied gas per day and stores more than 24,000,000 gallons at our liquefaction plants. Trucks deliver from our facilities around the clock to customers all over the Midwest. Our four truck-loading stations are open 24/7/365, and we can load a 10,000-gallon tanker in 40 minutes and up to 480,000 gallons in one day.


Not only is natural gas affordable; the cost is relatively stable year-round without the tight supply issues you face with diesel, propane and waste oil.


Liquefied Natural Gas is stored at low pressure, and, if it ever were to spill, it evaporates. It’s odorless, colorless, non-toxic and non-corrosive.