An abundant, low-cost fuel supply


For too long, a number of constraints have prevented many businesses from taking advantage of abundant, affordable natural gas. But, at Kinetrex, we’re charting a bright, new path for energy choices in the Midwest, and our natural gas products address a number of scenarios.

A solution to give you freedom of choice

If you think you’re stuck with diesel, propane or heating oil because your business isn’t located on a natural gas pipeline, we have good news. Kinetrex converts natural gas to Liquefied Natural Gas, which allows us to deliver it right to the doorstep of your business without a pipeline.

A solution to market volatility

If your business uses propane and suffers through tight supplies and the ups and downs of a volatile market, our Liquefied Natural Gas is a more reliable option that will save you money and stabilize your costs.

A solution to save you money

If your business currently buys natural gas from your local utility or is utilizing an Energy Marketer, we can potentially save you 10 - 30% on your monthly bill over the utility on your gas costs. We’ll provide a seamless and easy transition while also delivering the flowing, reliable Natural Gas that you’ve always known.

An economical solution for a better environment

If you’re in the transportation business and you want to positively impact our environment while reducing your fuel costs, our Renewable Natural Gas is an ideal solution.