About Kinetrex Energy


Kinetrex Energy was created to provide businesses with a more affordable, reliable energy source. Today, the most readily available solution to that demand is natural gas, and Kinetrex delivers that solution from a comprehensive portfolio of products ranging from the natural gas everyone is accustomed to – straight from the pipeline – to more innovative solutions like Liquefied Natural Gas that can be transported by truck where pipelines don’t exist and greener solutions like Renewable Natural Gas that’s captured from landfills and municipal wastewater plants.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Kinetrex sits at the geographic sweet spot for natural gas with access to four pipelines right at the hub of the interstate gas network – and within one day’s drive of 65% of the U.S. population.

Working with customers to find the best energy sources to fuel their businesses, Kinetrex has become the number-one supplier of Liquefied Natural Gas in the Midwest, as well as a leading seller of natural gas from pipelines.